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New Supplier Accounts

Today we are proud to present a new feature we developed in cooperation with the german stock agency Westend61: Supplier Accounts.

It’s a big feature and it will support many of our customers who have suppliers in their production chain.

For who are Supplier Accounts useful?

If you work with a supplier and want to share accurate revenue data with them, in a simple manner, then the new Supplier Accounts make that possible.

There are various types or suppliers. Some examples might be any of the following:

  • Photographer
  • Make Up Artist
  • Photo or Video Assistant
  • Models
  • Wardrobe Stylist
  • Keyworder
  • Retoucher

If you share with a supplier your revenue on a specific shoot, you can create a Supplier Account for them including just those images.

Via the supplier account they can easily and precisely see how much money is being made and accurately calculate what their revenue percentage is.

How do you share images with a supplier?

A Supplier Account allows you to share a subset of your images with somebody in a separate Stock Performer account. You can create a collection of images to be shared and assign them to any of your Supplier Accounts.


Your supplier will see in real time revenue data for those specific images.

What is the benefit of a Supplier Account?

With our new Supplier Accounts, we want to support you develop your relationship with your suppliers. It makes it simple and transparent to share revenue with somebody while keeping your other revenue data private.

It will save you time and remove the hassle of doing all the accounting yourself. Stock Performer acts as a neutral third-party, building trust with your supplier.

How much does a Supplier Account cost?

All Supplier Accounts include full Eagle Membership functionality. Prices are based on how many Supplier Accounts you purchase:

  • First 10 Supplier Accounts: 24EUR per month each.
  • Supplier Accounts 11 to 20: 21EUR per month each.
  • 20th Supplier Account and above: 18EUR per month each.

All prices include german VAT tax.


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