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Support for iStock Subscriptions

Recently iStock introduced a new Subscriptions program. Customers can buy subscription packages and download a set of images per month. iStock does not report such sales daily and do not provide daily breakdowns of the sales. We have now added Stock Performer support for iStock subscription sales so you can see your Subscription sales within our software.

You will now find a new button on the left menu. When pressing it, your subscription sales will be downloaded. Keep in mind that iStock publishes the data once a month (in the same way as their Partner and Getty programs).


Stock Performer categorizes subscription sales as normal sales but under the purchase model “Subscription” (in contrast to the “Pay-as-you-go” purchase model of regular sales). To see your Subscription sales click on the “Sales Breakdown” menu item and select “Purchase Model”. The displayed chart will give you the option to filter by “Subscription”. It should look like this:

iStock Subscription Sales

If you click on any of the months, it will take you to that month’s daily breakdown of Subscription sales. For example, for May 2014, it would look like this:

Subscription Sales by Day

Clicking on any specific day will bring up the familiar Daily view with all sales on that day. Sorting the table by Purchase Model will bring your subscription to the top. It should look like this:
Daily Subscriptions iStock

The Yearly Dashboard also offers a simple breakdown of your purchase model sales. It can help you see your totals:
Let us know if you have any doubts or need assistance! We’re here to help.

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