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How did your forecast turn out? We ask Joshua Hodge!

In October 2015, we interviewed top iStock contributor Joshua Hodge and asked him how he saw the market evolving. It’s been five years since then and we are very interested in knowing how he has experienced the changes since!

Back in October 2015 he said:

More real situations, more real content. I keep hearing video is growing but I’m not technically evolved enough for that! Maybe if I had more time I would look into it certainly.

How you feel your forecast back then turned out?

I think my estimates for the future have happened. Quicker than I could have imagined and more has changed than I would have expected. Today, if you are not shooting extremely authentic content and video at the same time you may not break even on a shoot.

How have you experienced the industry in these past years? Have you been able to adapt to the changes and maintain a sustainable business? Did your forecast help you out?

There has been some changes to adjust to, definitely. Being a smaller operation means it can create a bigger impact than you can be ready for. But, at the same time, I can make changes to the way I work, quicker than bigger production houses.

I wish I had started shooting video sooner, 5 years ago, certainly. It took longer to implement that change and find out how to make it work than I expected. I have access to a 8k RED Monster setup that comes with an operator. That means you can grab stills at 34 megapixels (big enough for downsizing to largest size on Getty).

That’s not my favourite though, I am enjoying shooting around that camera with my Sony stills and shooting handheld clips on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera.

Where do you think the industry is moving next? How do you see it playing out and how are you preparing for it?

I still see video content having large potential, as there is still a lot of need. I have been aiming my focus at video, creatively. I have been through an adjustment of using less on travel and the shooting, now being more focussed and efficient. I see there being a continued adjustment away from massive numbers of uploads to more specific needs, better quality and more authenticity. This style of content takes time to create so I think a lot of people are downsizing and scaling for the current climate.

Thank you very much!

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