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Introducing Keyword Search in Stock Performer

We are happy to announce keyword search in Stock Performer! You can now search your files using keywords and create collection with the results!

Keyword search opens up the door to analyse files in a context-centered way. By grouping files with specific keywords, you can focus on specific themes or file attributes.

For example, you might want to analyse all images with the keywords “Doctor, Women”. Or you might search the keyword “Vertical” and compare the results to files with the keyword “Horizontal”.

How do I group images by keywords?

To group images by keywords go to the Collection Editor. Keyword search is available per agency, so you first have to select the agency you want to search. Doing so brings up the keyword search field.

Go ahead and enter your keywords, separated by commas. You can combine the keyword search with any of the other filtering options. Pressing search returns all images matching the keywords and filter options you selected.

Searching for “Horizontal” files. Click to expand.

Once you have selected the images, save your collection and that’s it!

Imagine we create a collection for the keyword “Vertical”. That makes it very easy to compare it to the “Horizontal” collection giving you a clear insight into “Vertical”  vs. “Horizontal” files. What sells better?

The following screenshot shows them next to each other. For this data set, it is clear that horizontal images produce more revenue per month than vertical images. $3,23 per horizontal image per month, compared to $2,13 per vertical image per month. That is 51% more! Keep this in mind next time you go out and shoot.

Click to enlarge

What agencies does Stock Performer’s keyword search support?

We support keyword search for the following agencies:

  • iStockphoto
  • Shutterstock
  • Fotolia
  • Pond5
  • Getty
  • Depositphotos
  • 123RF
  • Canstock
  • Offset
  • BigStock
  • Videoblocks
  • Stocksy

Why can I only search keywords for a specific agency?

Keywording varies per agency. Universal keywording does not exist across all agencies. That is why our keyword filter appears only when you select an agency.

However, thanks to our image matching algorithm, once you have selected images on one agency, all matching images at other agencies will be selected too.

For example, if you select all your “Dog” files on Depositphotos, then Stock Performer will automatically include the matching “Dog” files on all your other agencies. It is not necessary for you to perform that search on each agency individually.

How do I see the keywords for one specific file?

We have included a file’s keywords directly in the page which display’s a file’s details. If you select the file’s agency tab and then scroll downwards, you will find a new “Keywords” tab. Click on it to see a list of the file’s keywords for the selected agency. Here an example screenshot:

Displays a file’s data including keywords. Click to enlarge.

Still have questions? 

Do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have on our new keywording search tool:

Sign up to Stock Performer and start understanding your keyword performance! The first month is completely free!

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    1. Wow, keyword-support – great, very useful feature! Thanks for that!
      The selection works great indeed thanks to your image matching feature.
      One question: If I select a photo in the file´s details page and jump from one agency to another, the sorting of the keyword changes although I usually use the same EXIF data for all agencies. Does the list reflect importance or sort order of the inidivual agencies or is this just a random order that differs for eacht agency?
      Thanks again for your great work!

      • Hello Frank, we maintain the order in which the agency gives it to us. We do not change. Mainly because some agencies, like iStock and Getty, prioritize the keywords which lead to sales at the top. However, if the keyword order changes at the agency, we do not update our data each time. Hope that helps, Luis

    2. I must be blind but I don’t see where to enter the keywords.
      Is this available to both tiers of StockPerformer?

      • Hi Charlie, keyword search is in the collection editor. You see it by choosing an agency from the search options. Hope that helps!