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New Referral Program!

We have been impressed by how often our customers recommend Stock Performer to their friends. Thanks to them we have become a familiar siting on microstocker’s computers.

To thank and reward our customers for their efforts, we are launching our new Referral Program. Now, whenever you successfully refer a friend, we will credit your account with free days!

How does it work?

In your Settings page you will see the new box “Referral Program”. Click on “Become an affiliate!”. In there you will see a clear explanation of how you can start referring other users. Please get in touch if in doubt.

Basically, your referred person has 30 days to sign up to Stock Performer. Once they sign up, if they purchase a membership, we will give you credit.

How much can you earn?

If you refer somebody and they become a paying member, you will immediately be credited with free days. The more valuable the purchased membership, the more free days you get. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Eagle, a Sparrow or even in Free Trial: if you refer somebody, you get free days!

Here is an overview of your credit earning:

Referred User You get
Eagle (Yearly) 60 free days
Sparrow (Yearly) 40 free days
Eagle (Monthly) 15 free days
Sparrow (Monthly) 10 free days

If you already have Stock Performer links on your website, go ahead and add your referral code to them and begin earning credits.

Not a Stock Performer user? Start benefiting from our Referral Program today and get free days by signing up here:

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