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Now supporting Adobe Stock

By popular request, we are happy to announce that we now support Adobe Stock as our 14th agency! Adobe Stock is the child of Adobe’s takeover of Fotolia.

The thing to understand is that Adobe Stock did not create a completely new stock agency. They are sharing the exact same database with Fotolia. Contributors who open a new account on Adobe Stock are currently asked if they want to sync their account to an existing Fotolia account. If you go for that option, the sales and upload data you see on Fotolia is the same as on Adobe Stock. In those cases, Stock Performer will not download your Adobe Stock data because we would end up showing you duplicate sales. Please download your Fotolia data instead.

If your Adobe Stock and Fotolia accounts are not linked (or you don’t even have a Fotolia account), Stock Performer will download your Adobe Stock as usual.

It is likely that Adobe Stock will unify both systems in the future and possibly turn off the Fotolia contributor backend. If and when that happens, we will also try to merge the data from both agencies. We will keep you posted.

Until then, Happy Analytics with Adobe Stock data!

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