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Our Microstock Expo PitchFest Entry

We are very happy to have won the best pitch at this year’s Microstock Expo PitchFest. We wanted to come up with something creative and funny that captures the mood of the microstock community. Unfortunately, we can’t show you the video here but we’re posting the script below.

Do you remember the gold rush of the early microstock days?
Taking pictures meant printing money.
The party was on!
Customers rushed to buy your images.
We all had a great time.

But how difficult is it to predict the future of microstock?
Are your earnings per image going down every year?
Do you feel that your work is often underappreciated?
Has photography become factory work?
Does it seem like you are at the mercy of the agencies?
Do you think they should give you a better deal?

Are you looking for answers?
Is it clear to you, why some shootings do great and others don’t?
Can you spot your best sellers? Your best themes?
Do you actually know how much money you earned since you’ve been at this conference?
Are you hungry for eye-opening statistics?

Enter Stock Performer.
Powerful analytics for microstock artists.
All the numbers and metrics that count.
The stuff you need to know to be a successful photographer.
The big guys are already using it, are you using it?
Stop guessing. Start knowing.

It’s only when you know where you are that you can confront your challenges
and become a master of your craft,
focus on what works,
leave behind what doesn’t.
Performing the stunt of being creative
and getting paid for it.

Because when you really think about it,
isn’t it that one, simple truth?

(Here it is…Show me the money!…Show me the money!…Congratulations, you are still my agent.)

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    1. You should post the video on your youtube channel. I thought that the video was the best part of the whole MEXPO !!! Congrats !!!