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Pre-Launch Access for Press and Bloggers

Stock Performer is the new powerful tool for Microstock Analytics. Completely web-based and real-time, it offers customers the tools to slice and dice their data, identifying trends, guiding them in their future productions. Considering the large number of contributors competing for sales, Stock Performer aims to offer the business intelligence necessary to succeed. Stop guessing, start knowing.

We are now granting access to press members and bloggers with a focus on the microstock market in preparation for our upcoming launch.

Stock Performer has been in beta since April 2011 working with 10 beta users from different microstock agencies, including some big name microstockers. This has resulted in a well tested first version ready for launch in November.

It’s main features are:

  • Real time statistics: Stock Performer updates every hour. But if you are impatient, you can trigger and update yourself. Never miss out on any sale! With real time statistics you will see each sale individually with it’s most important attributes.

  • Collections: Analyzing groups of images is easy with Stock Performer. It will automatically import your agency Lightboxes, Collections and Galleries and create Stock Performer Collections. You can see all types of analytics for your collections and identify where your strength and weaknesses are.

  • Top Sales Analysis: Stock Performer will show you your top 10 best images per day, per week, per month, per quarter and per year. With such a tool it is easy to spot trends in your portfolio.

  • Support for the big four microstock agencies: Track your sales on iStockphoto, Dreamstime, Fotolia and Shutterstock. Expect more to follow in the future.
  • We track all asset types: Whether it’s video, photography, audio, vectors or flash. If your agency supports it, so do we.
  • Monthly Forecast: With our forecast algorithm you will know straight away how your month’s performance is. Is it going to be a great month? If not, then find out before it’s too late and start producing and uploading again.
  • No Passwords: Stock Performer’s technology does not require you to give us your passwords. We do not want them, we are not interested. For more on this and other topics read our Privacy Policy
  • Completely web-based: Stock Performer is a web based tool. It runs on any computer with an internet connection and any of the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

In the upcoming months expect more powerful features. We are very close to our user community and discuss these items with them frequently. We want Stock Performer to support our users and provide the best solutions to their needs.

Stock Performer was founded in Berlin, Germany, by Luis Alvarez and Oliver Rivo. Both met many years ago while working at one of the biggest airline software providers in the departments of Airline Operations Control and Airline Revenue Management. One year ago, equipped with their knowledge in operations and revenue management and┬áLuis’ 6 year experience as a successful microstock photographer, they believed they could provide something new and powerful for microstock contributors: Stock Performer was born. Be a part of it!

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