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The New Collection Manager

We are happy to announce our new Collection Manager! You can now create, edit and delete collections directly within Stock Performer. Use it to group pictures together and then analyse their performance.

It works great for grouping pictures of a photoshoot, pictures you took during a trip, or simply grouping pictures related each to other (studio pictures, outdoors, seniors, etc…).

Overview of the new collection manager

Go to your collections overview and you will find a new button on the right “Create new collection”

Clicking on it will take you to the new collection manager. It is composed of three parts:

  • Search filter: Enter your search criteria to find uploads you want to add to a collection
  • Search results: Displays the uploads matching your search criteria. It always defaults to the most recent uploads.
  • Selection area: Select your uploads on the left and see them appear on the right. Once you are finished enter the name and press save.

Example: Create a collection for all my 2013 images

I want to create a collection with all my 2013 files. I start off by entering the search criteria:

Pressing on “Search” returns all my 2013 files.

You can then press the “Select All” button to have them all selected. Once in your selection area, enter the collection’s name and press save and that’s it!

Ideas for collections

With the new functionality here are some collections you can create quickly. You can probably come up with many more of your own ideas!

  • A collection with the uploads of any specific year or month
  • A collection with only photo, or video, or illustrations
  • A collection only of editorial images
  • A collection with only Vetta or Agency images

How do you find the new Collection Manager? What collections are you planning to build with it? This is our first version, so please provide feedback and feature requests for our upcoming versions!

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    1. It’s a great new feature which I am probably going to use heavily.

      Although, I would wish for two additions:

      1. Add a keyword (or at least title) search feature to find images easier.

      2. Allow additions across agencies, so I can have a collection of all my “Donut” images and see how they perform on the different agencies.

      Thanks 😉