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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you require my password?

No. Stock Performer's technology does not require us to know your password. Our browser plugins simply wait until you log in to your agency and only then do they retrieve your sales data. We will never ask for your password.

Is my data shared with others?

No. Your data belongs to you. We take this very seriously at Stock Performer. We will not share it with nor sell or rent it to anybody without your explicit permission. If you decide to actively opt in to our Market Performance Program, we may show you anonymized data of other users and also your data (anonymized) to others. You can always opt out of this. This is not hidden in fine print, you have to take action to participate.

Can Stock Performer employees view my data?

Our system has been developed so that only you can view your sales charts and analytics. Stock Performer employees do not have an Admin view allowing them to view your data.

If you report errors and we need to investigate, we will ask you for permission to import your data into our special accounts to view the data and resolve the errors.

What data do you retrieve?

Stock Performer retrieves the following data at each microstock agency you are registered. This data is relevant to our analytics reports:

  • Upload dates
  • Upload collection
  • Sale dates
  • Sale size or type
  • Sale license model
  • Revenue per sale
  • Depending on the agency, more sale or upload properties

How long does the initial synchronization take?

Depending on your portfolio size and on the quality of your internet, this can take between an hour and various hours. The image thumbnails will also take some time until all are available in Stock Performer.

Do you retrieve other data, such as personal data?

We do not retrieve nor store any other data, personal or not.

Where is my data stored?

We store the data in our servers to offer you the best experience possible. For security reasons all sales data is stored in a separate non-SQL database, protected against injection attacks.

By having it on our servers we can compute meaningful reports and have them available to you quickly. Our solution allows us to provide you a web-based solution operating on all platforms.